Thrift, so the world can go on.

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Thrift On

Unique products and environmentally conscious

We at Thrift On consciously choose to sell second-hand clothing. We like to give clothing a second or even a third or fourth life. We offer hand-picked vintage items. We don't do "bulk" purchases and select everything on quality, trends and a distinct style. & Nbsp; We look both online and in physical stores to offer you the best items. We like items that have something extra and are distinct because we think it is important that you can walk down the street in something that no one else has. Because how often does it happen that you see someone wearing those same "fast fashion" pants?

My Story

I started under my own name Luna on United Wardrobe, a website and app to sell second-hand clothing. My reach quickly grew and I decided to register as an entrepreneur. I was invited to the United Wardrobe office and became one of the first top sellers. As my reach continued to grow, I decided to convert the company to a brand, Thrift On.

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Our mission

We stand for unique clothing and a world that can keep turning. We think it is important that clothing radiates self-confidence. Men and women labels? We don't do that. Everyone should be able to be themselves and wear unique clothes that not everyone around you is wearing, dare to be different, dare to be yourself, wear Thrift On.


handpicked clothing, everything is already selected for quality, trends and uniqueness.

Nieuw leven

Together with you we give clothes a second or sometimes even a third or fourth life.

Bewust in het hele proces

We also choose consciously for shipping. We use recycled products as much as possible to send our products. Such as cardboard boxes from our local supermarket and envelopes made from recycled paper.

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